Thursday, June 4, 2015

P2 - Crisp Color collection, summary and swatches

Hi! Long overdue, here is the full collection of P2's Crisp Color collection from spring 2015. I ended up buying all eight, just because I really wanted some matte textured polishes and a full collection is always fun. Each bottle is 2.45 euro at DM (Drogerie Markt, found in Germany).

So, a general summary then. There is 8 colors and all of them, except for the brown, has been seen before, as dupés or very similar in other brands like KIKO, BeYu, LOOK etc. So basicially there has been plenty of opportunities to grab them.

All except the brown has a pastel feel to it, white has been mixed into it combined with colors. The brown is more of a jelly based polish and I wouldn't even consider it to be pastel.

All except the brown needed two very simple coats. Some of them are almost onecoaters, but they kinda need that last second coat to cover perfectly. The brown being more of a jelly needed three coats.

Drying time is  normal for the textures, like 25-30 min (since you know, no tc is added because that would ruin the effect, I haven't tried drops if that makes the drying time faster though). I think that the brown needed 30-35 minutes and that probably because of that third coat messing the time up.

All of the polishes has shredded matte particles in different colors, which looks like hard plastic but I' not sure. However they do look cool with it. There are three combos of shredded particles color combinations as below in this collection:

Red and brownish violet shreds: Found in the purple (Violet Glace), yellow (Honey Fluff) and brown (Toffee Time).

Red and bright blue shreds: Found in the blue (Blueberry Dots), green (Cool Milkshake) and pink (Strawberry Frosting).

Red only shreds: Found in the two orange tones. (Cotton Candy) and (Peach Icing)

And deciding which ones I like the most is very hard but I've tried at least, and my choices are only based on my own colors of liking and I might change my mind another day. So as you see, the purple I liked very much, closely followed by the blue and the yellow (the yellow would have been no one or two if it would have been more brighter). The green is cool and minty but I'm also (for a change) drawn to the cute and bright pink as well (They could swap places in my list). After that we have the two pastel orange and the brown. And to be honest those three are much the same to me (I know a lot of people might disagree), but I'm having a hard time with pastel orange.. The more nude orange is maybe better but it also reminds me of rust protection spray.. And I actually like the brown, not because it's pretty, but because it's unusual and I'm thinking of some cool nail arts with it. ;) So it's that too, wearable on it's own only, or not wearable on it's own and nail art combination possibilities too which is part of my choices.

For each post (with additional info and more pics), just click the link in each picture:

Violet Glace

Blueberry Dots

Honey Fluff

Cool Milkshake

Strawberry Frosting

Toffee Time

Cotton Candy

Peach Icing

And for fun, how would you arrange these, from top to bottom, which ones you like the most? And also if you have some nail art thoughts about these? I have some plans but fun if you have too. :)


  1. Coola, annorlunda lack verkligen. :-)

  2. Jag tycker precis som Ann-Sofie, känns inte som jag har sett så många dupes till dessa men det kanske är för att jag bor i fel land :)

    1. Jag håller med, i europa har de funnits i flera omgångar. Återigen trist att det är så nagellacksfattigt i svenska hyllor.. :(

  3. amazing collection
    i am glad i can see it again ! beautiful !

  4. Tycker att alla är super fina :) Gillar ju sandlack

  5. These were a great collection. I wish they had polishes like this in Scotland! :-)

    1. Yea, I was lucky to grab them, they aren't to be found in sweden either.

  6. Oj så många underbara lack :)
    Jag brukar oftast hitta ett eller två lack från en kollektion som jag gillar mest men av dessa har jag svårt att välja... tycker alla ser helt förbaskat underbara ut :D
    Toffee Time är, ifall jag måste välja något, nog i toppen för jag älskar murriga lack :D

    1. Samma här, jag BEHÖVDE alla också :D Kul att du gillar den bruna, känns som att den delar folk i två, de flesta är skeptiska. ;)

  7. Ska nog ta och skriva upp tyskland till mina resmål så jag kan få tag på dess lack, gillar de skarpt. :)


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