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Polish remover review; Isana nagellack entferner, Oversa nagellack entferner and KIKO nail polish remover - review

Hi, time for another polish remover review. As I've said before I'm a 100% acetone girl, my nails like that and to be honest, polish remover with a lot of perfume and crap in makes my nails drier than just acetone. From some acetone free polish remover I've actually gotten allergic reactions.

But anyhow, because of my German visit I've tried some nail polish removers. I've talked about
Essence nail polish remover - coconut + papaya before and comparing all four, Essence is still the one I don't recommend, at all. All three below remove polishes better, smell better and all except KIKO is cheaper than the bad smelling Essence version.

I've used multiple bottle of those below so I feel I have quite a good view of how they work. And I'll explain some more under each picture.

Isana nagellack entferner

Isana nagellack entferner (above):

Isana nagellack entferner (=nail polish remover in german) is the cheapest of the bunch because of the large bottle which is 250 ML. (Also found in smaller bottles). The price at Rossman is about 0,8 euro.

The color of the liquid is a muted light green and the scent is mild and pleasant, "mandelduft" is the scent which is almond scent. I don't imagine anyone being annoyed by it.

Isana has oil in it, of all three, Isana has the middle amount of oil. On the fingers the oil isn't noticeable in a bad way and it works for removing polish from stamping plates even though there is tiny drops of fat left (I'd recommend 100% acetone for stamping image plate removal, but at least this works if you don't have acetone available.)

The main thing, removing polish it works fine. It's not like acetone, but it's quite efficient. If acetone is 5-10 minutes this one is about 15-20 minutes depending on amounts of coats, glitter etc.

As you can see above the main ingredience is acetone, then aqua caprylic/capric triglyceride, parfum, limonene, coumarin, alpha-iso-methylionone, ci 19140, ci 42090.

Oversa nagellack entferner

Oversa nagellack entferner (above):

Oversa nagellack entferner is the one coming in second in price range. If I don't remember wrong the price is about 0,8-1 euro at Kaufland and with it's 200 ml it's actually cheaper than Essence (150 ml)

The color of the liquid is light but bright blue. Oversa doesn't claim any specific scent but the scent is close to what clothing smells like after you have washes them (fresh) or slightly like unsweet sherry. So I really like the scent, as Isana it doesn't over take a whole room with smell.

Oversa is the oiliest of the bunch, which it also claim on the bottle to be. I don't recommend this one for cleaning stamping image plate (it removes the polish but leaves a lot of fatty residues).

Oversa is pretty much the same as Isana and removing polish it works fine. And again, it's not like acetone, but it's quite efficient. If 100% acetone is 5-10 minutes this one is about 15-20 minutes depending on amounts of coats, glitter etc.

The main ingredient is acetone, then aqua caprylic/capric triglyceride, parfum, ci 42090. Which means the same stuff as above, but less in the list.

KIKO nail polish remover

KIKO Nail polish remover - Express (above):

KIKO Express is the most expensive of these three (also more expensive than Essence) with 125 ml and a price tag of 3.90 euro. This one is bought in a KIKO store, and can be found on their website but not in regular stores (of my knowledge).

This is the acetone version from KIKO, which they call "Express" and the color is light blue. There is also a pink "Universal" remover and a purple "Gentle remover which both are acetone free. The scent is an indefinable quite mild chemical acetone scent, which doesn't smell bad but there isn't anything else to say either. It's okay.

I'd say that KIKO Express it the least oiliest of these three, or maybe the same as Isana. Some small oil residues on stamping plates, it works for it, but 100% acetone will always be best for that.

And again, about removing nail polish from the nails, it's not like acetone, but it's quite efficient. If 100% acetone is 5-10 minutes this one is about 15-20 minutes depending on amounts of coats, glitter etc. I actually for a while thought it was better than both Isana and Oversa, but I recently bought a new KIKO Express and removing wise it's the same or even less good than Isana (but that would be knitpicking).

The ingredient list is the longest for KIKO with a lot of interesting stuff (Some of the ingredients is for example found in Seche restore): Acetone, aqua, parfum, benzophenone-1, ethyl acetate, methoxymethylbutanol, hydrolyzed keratin, tetrametyhyl acettyloctahydronaphthalenes, ethylene, brassylate, acetyl hexamethyl tetralin, cis-3-hexenyl, salicylate, pentamethylcyclopent-3-ene-butanol, acetylcedrene, ci 61565 (green 6)

Final thoughts: 

Thought that this would be a short post. LOL. Of all the three I can recommend all of them, they are pretty equal. But if I had all three in front of me I'd pick Isana the first. Isana is the chepest and has a pleasant and mild almond scent and is efficient. After Isana I'd pick Oversa, just because of the price over KIKO. I'm still not recommending Essence at all, there is cheaper and better alternatives (sorry for that people ;) ).

What do you think? Thoughts about something?


  1. I always use remover with acetone, I've never had any problems with it. I've used the same remover for years. A own store brand - a bottle usually lasts me about a month! :-)

    1. It's the same for me. I guess it depends on how sensitive you are. For this size of bottles I also guess a month for me, especially when I change daily. Now I've had the same nails on for days, and then I use less of course. :P

  2. Kul att läsa om lite olika polish removers. Har inte testat någon av dessa dock.

    1. För svenskar är det nog mer tips om man är ute och reser tänker jag mig. :P

  3. Om jag någon gång hamnar i remover-nödsituationer i Tyskland kan detta komma till användning ;). Alltid bra med jämförelser av måste-ha produkter!
    (Jag har personligen väldigt svårt för mandeldoft, mandelmassa och andra former av bearbetad mandel klarar jag knappt av.)

    1. haha, precis ;) För svenskar är det nog mest för semester-kriser. Vad ovanligt att inte gilla mandeldoft. :D Isana luktar ju visserligen inte mandelmassa, det är mildare men den kanske ändå inte är för dig. Personligen gillar jag inte smaken av mandelmassa. ;)

  4. Kul att läsa om sådant här, även om just dessa inte finns i Sverige! Jag kör alltid på Depends blåa, vet inte riktigt varför men det har bara blivit så. Har svårt för parfymerade removers eller sådana som innehåller olja.

    1. Tack! Jag är också känslig för starkt parfymerade removers, såna som tar över rum.. Dessa ovan är så pass mild i doften att de funkar för mig.


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