Thursday, July 16, 2015

Russian polishswap :)

Again me and my russian friend @Lakobotan has done a polishswap. Me and Maria has been friends for some years now and since we both share a passion for nail polish, it's fun to be able to swap and get hold of polishes which otherwise would have been impossible and/or very expensive to get. :)

Today I'm sharing some of the stuff she gave me. The russian candy I kinda ate the very first days and some souvenir stuff is left out side the pictures.

There's too much to mention them all, but Lakobotan knows how much I love matte glitter combos so there's obviously a bunch of those, some textures and really exciting and very unique polishes. For example the green Dance Legend "for men" nail polish (lol), the (probably very similar to Fantasy Fire) Irisk, the new exciting granite finish polishes, holo top coat, glow in the dark polishes, magnetic polishes, card symbol top coat and some lovely franken polishes she has made me! :D And well, much much more. :P

Also please check to the left, she has made me a little piece of pendant necklace for me! It is double sided, but on this side it is a b&w water marble design. I'll show you some more of that later because of a nail art plan. ;)

And above, I forgot to add the neon Lavelle polish in the photo with all the polishes, so it got a solo shot. That's actually the polish I'm wearing and I'll show it soon. It's neon yellow/green but also has glitter in it making it unique.

Above, some awesome stickers and also a real ribbon thingy from Irisk, can't wait to try! :D

Some neon glitter. These I'll probably frank creating own glitter top coats with. I have some suspension base which I yet haven't tried.

And yea, this last one isn't that special per ce. I just like the graphics of Anna Gorelova's special collection polishes for Dance Legend and three bottles are from collections of hers. :P

A big thanks to @Lakobotan. Check her instagram out if you haven't already ;)

And for me I've been absent for some time but life is life and I've been busy. But from next week I hope I'll be able to blog more frequently. I have some Nail Challenge Collaborative stuff still unposted so that and some russian polishes will probably be what's up in the near future. Also followed by some Born Pretty Store reviews. :P

PS. Is there any of the polishes you'd like to see in a slightly sooner future? ;D DS. 


  1. kul att du är igång igen!!! ohh neej jag är inte alls avis på dig!!!!!=D ska bli kul och se dessa lack!!=D

    1. Tack! Jag är ju dock inte snabb på att svara.. haha

  2. Great to see you again Gelic :-D

    OMG I am drooling over my keyboard at these. What a wonderful swap :-D

  3. Åhhh vilket lackpaket och jag kan tänka mig att du är i lack-heaven! Sååå underbart. :-)

  4. welcome back Gelic, and what to say , i cant wait to see this beauties :) enjoy !

  5. OMG! That looks like an awesome swap :)

  6. Wihooo du är tillbaka :D
    Oj en sådan underbar swap :O
    Lacken ser alla helt underbara ut och glittren + wrapsen ser alla helt underbara ut :D

  7. Åh wow vad mycket snyggt och spännande :)

  8. Wow what an amazing swap you did, these polishes look stunning! I can't wait to see your reviews :) xx


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