Friday, August 21, 2015

Holo rose stamping nail art

Today I'm showing a nail art that I'm really happy with, like enormously. I've been practicing stamping for a while and it helps to practice, I believe that I've learned a lot, so you guys who haven't tried or who are struggeling, keep trying! This might not be perfect but I'm getting there. :)

First of, I used Lakobotan's franken polish - Party Starfish which I showed HERE as a base and then stamped this floral pattern from the Born Pretty Store image plate BP-73. As a final embellishment I added a golden rhinestone bow which I've bought from ebay.

And in natural light where the shine shows:

Polishes and materials used:
MoYou's special black nail polish
Lakobotan Franken Polish - Party Starfish, swatch
Born Pretty Store image plate - BP-73

About the BP-73 with itemID: 20790:

The cost is $2.99 and it has well etched pattern which is easy to pick up with the stamper. (I have two stampers, both has silicone, and come in two different hardness and size).
This particular image plate has 4 small rose floral objects (matching the full size ones, giving opportunities for accent type nail art's) and four full nail patterns with a rose floral theme. Two of the full nail patterns are shorter than the other two (which annoys me a bit, I'd prefer if all four of them where of the longer size for my thumbs (which I have to double stamp when they get to my preferred length, which works but I'd prefer not to). But I guess for most people that wont be a problem, the shortest are 15 MM x 19 MM and the longest are 15 MM x 22 MM.

As usual feel free to use my 10% discount code NGL91 for items which aren't on discount already at the Born Pretty Store site.

***Some products in this post have been provided for review, however it has not changed my opinion about them.***


  1. Wow, det här är bara såååååå snyggt! Älskar både färgen och mönstret. :-)

    1. Tack så mycket, ja det passade som så bra ihop! :D

  2. Nice stamping and I like the bow. Lovely :-D

    1. Thanks :D The bow felt like the cherry on top- ^^

  3. Wow vad snyggt och guldrosetten gjorde sej verkligen jätte bra där

    1. Tack! Ja jag håller med, som pricket över i't :D

  4. beautiful nails , and plate !you know that! so lovley look on holo


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