Tuesday, August 11, 2015

NCC presents: Summaries for June and July

Hi, as both June and July was a bit stressful for me I still haven't posted the summaries for the NCC. So basically I'll just slam both of them up here in one go. If you want to check out the entire posts, just click the label Nail Challenge Collaborative.

We start with June and Villains & Super Heroes. 

This wasn't my best nail art month..From left to right; Poison Ivy nail art and The hulk nail art, TMNT nail art and an abstract Power Puff nail art.
The only one I feel 100% happy with is the TMNT Turtles nail art actually. I think the rest had potential to be something nice. I just love the matte metallic red glitter gradient on the green, I love the bright purple and green together, and I like the idea of textures and shiny in one mani..

So, onto the July theme which was Travel!
Loooved this theme and I'm actually happy with all four and also I've spent more time to plan these and also in creating them + photographing the properly.

This time I have a hard time choosing my favorite, basically I like the palm trees, the blue stone and the car stamping nail art equally much! XD I like the Eiffel tower nail art too, but not quite as much as the result.

And a "bonus" pic. Just bought some fun stuff from Essence. Couldn't help my self and bought the new Nudes Essence make up palette. Can't wait to try it out! From the same collection I also bought the gray Essence - Rock My World. And from Essence's Fun Fair collection I've grabbed Mint-Blowing, Marshfellow and Ring Around The Rosy, which all three are scented and matte looking. Will show the green one tomorrow. ;)

Let me know which mani's where your favorites from the summaries. Also have you tried the makeup palette or the Fun Fair polishes :D


  1. Du har gjort så många fina manikyrer..!
    Kanske den som ser ut som blåa stenar :)

    1. Tack så mycket! <3 Ja den blev jag jättenöjd med. ^^

  2. I've enjoyed your mani lately - come great ones :-D

    Nice Essences :-)

  3. Väldigt mkt fin nail art här, svårt att välja en favorit :)


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