Monday, August 24, 2015

Maniswap with Lakobotan 2 - cartoon nails and water marble nail art

Hi today I have a post which should have been posted for two months ago.. but you know, life happened and here we are. ^^

Basically me and Lakobotan made another mani swap and I was inspired by a water marble she had done. She was inspired by a red cartoon nail art I'd made. (Thought I'd posted the swap pics here before, but they previously only made it to my IG.)

First a summary:

The cartoon nails:
I used Nordic Cap - NP09 (red) and Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark, Jordana Pop Art- Contemporary White. Lakobotan used OPI - Red hot Rio, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear - 28 Black Out and Essie - Blanc.

Watermarble nails:
Lakobotan used Sally Hansen extreme wear - 300 white on and Dance Legend - 401 & 418. I used Rival de Loop Young - Blue abyss & Coco milk.

So here you have it!

And of course, if any one else feel in the mood to create a mani swap with me, please let me know. ^^


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