Monday, August 10, 2015

Lakobotan Franken Polish - Little Mermaid, swatch

Hi, today I have a special post, I've got the honor to try some of Lakobotan's franken polish, the first one out is the one she calls Little Mermaid. ^^

Little Mermaid has a jeans blue colored quite linear holo base and then a perfect mix of tiny holo glitter. The combo is really nice, in sunshine it sparkles insanely and in softer light the holo glitter appears like a night sky over the blue which then looks like shimmer.  Formula and application wise it was great too, almost a one coater but I added 2 coats in the end which went on like butter. I really liked this and I also got compliments while wearing it. Photo spam to come, my camera couldn't almost handle all the sparkles!

And below are some photos in natural light. The base appears more shimmery than holo and the holo glitter really sparkles.

Just look at the bottle, it reminds me of fish scales which also makes the name of it so suiting!

Thanks @lakobotan ! :)


  1. Riktigt fint lack, roligt att se!

    1. Tack, kul att du tycker det. Det är förvisso inget lack som går att köpa (än iaf..haha) men förhoppningsvis så kan det vara kul att se ändå. :D

  2. Åh vilket vackert lack :) ser fantastiskt ut


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