Monday, April 4, 2016

Black and yellow Scottish plaid nail art skittelette

Hi, today I have a review with the Ladyqueen plaid water decal's. I received a sheet of paper which can be cut in any shape wanted, but if cutting according to my nails I could get 10 pieces, however I decided to make a skittelette nail art to make it more interesting. I painted my nails yellow to have a similar base as the water decals.

I first cut the rectangle shape of my nails and then rounded the edges to better fit my nails and to have less to remove. I used a little plate with water (the water height was like 5 mm), just enough to cover the paper. Important is to first remove the plastic before putting them in water, otherwise it might tattoo it self to the plastic..Then I used a tweezer to pick them up. The decal was easy to place since I could move them around and slide them into position. The water decals where quite sheer so it was really good I had a suiting base. After I let them dry from the water and later applied top coat. My pointer, which was my first finger looked great but when I applied tc to my others they smudge some, despite me being very careful. I will have to look into methods to avoid that in the future, advices are welcome. :)

Except for water decals I did black glitter gradients and also did 3 black texture nails. I felt it was unusual for me to make so contrasting nails to a manicure but somehow I liked it.

Now pics:

Polishes used (forgot to photograph the polishes)
Essence - Love Is In The Air
L.A. Girl - Uninhibited
P2 - Black Sand
Lady Queen Plaid Water decals with item ID: #NA0184 (more colors available)

Here you see the size of the paper and the color of polish I choose for my base. The paper was enough for 10 nails on the width. Length wise my nails could have been way longer.

Here you see how I cut them and you can also see them sliding off the paper. Here you can also somewhat see the sheerness of them, a neutral fresh base would be preferred. :)

Feel free to use my 15% discount code: GHLC15 :)

***Some products in this post have been provided for review, however it has not changed my opinion about them.***


  1. Jag tycker att det här blev jättesnyggt! Påminner mig otroligt mycket om en kjol som jag har men som jag nog inte har använt på nästan 10 år. Och det där med att tatuera plasten, jag vet inte hur många gånger jag gjort det, senast var i söndags...

  2. To bad the topcoat smear the design a bit, because I really love this manicure.

  3. Häftig färgkombination! Gillar att du körde en accentnagel också. Har aldrig förut hört att överlack kan smeta ut dekaler, det var ju trist :(.


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