Sunday, April 24, 2016

Negative space hundstooth in black

So I broke a nail a week ago or so, which resulted in me cutting them all down. I have too much ocd to have uneven length. XD Even though they are long for many people they feel short for me since I cut 5 mm away. So feels unusual but wanted to chear my self up so I did a negative space with stamping. So a franken black jelly as a base, a frame and funky french and then stamping on top.

Polishes used:
Franken black jelly
Moyou special black stamping polish
R d L young - Black
Born Pretty Store stamping plate -


  1. Oj du sku se mina naglar just nu... jag hade rätt långa naglar för en tid sedan.. eller ja, långa för mig ;)
    Sedan mitt i allt så gick några av och de gick av långt ner så det var bara att klippa ner dem ;)
    Jag tycker den här manikyren är superfin :)


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