Monday, June 18, 2012

Tip - budget brands +NOTD

In the last post I mentioned Gabrini Elegant, except for the ones below I’ve got a purple, white and brown duochrome. I bought them in Crete last year and I’m really content with them. The bottles have numbers in the bottom and no names. The black and baby blue covers in two coats, whilst the blue one too the right is thinner and demands more coats. Each bottle cost 1 euro.

The picture below is an ebay bargain. It is an Asian brand, but I’m not sure what’s the actual brand so I write the whole thing out "needme PARIS Nail Polish".
First I bought one in avocado green, and I was really pleased with it, covered in two coats with a nice finish and great formula.  And then I bought some more. Each bottle is £1.39, which is about 16SEK, a real bargain.

Above is the yellow needme PARIS Nail Polish, number 10. It locked like it would cover in just a few coats, but as most yellow it was pain, and not as good as its green friend. An infinit number of coats later made drying time endless and it became bumps and damages on the nails. Colorwise I like it, it is an almost-neon-polish, a bit cold and load, and not as warm as it locks like on the pictures(cloudy outside). The bottle image is more correst, if you think neon.

The bumps on the nail didn’t do some harm since it was suppose to work as base for the nail art I’m wearing right now. It will turn up later to night.

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