Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bold metal stud rhinestone nail art

I've told you before, but I got a thing for metal stud rhinestones. I think they're excellent decoration for a manicure that you've worn for a while and want renewed.

These ones are very large, I can't have them in all directions and also I can only have the diamond four shape on my thumbs. The metal stud rhinestones comes in many sizes and shapes, for example I've got square 3MM ones in this post. I think these are 5-6MM x 4MM.
To apply the metal stud rhinestones I've used nail glue, otherwise they would peel of way too easy. On top of that I've applied two coats of top coats to really seal in the design. However I don't mind having my nails super shiny so that's not a problem for me.
Here I've used W7 - Metallic Neptune as a base, swatches can be found HERE. It's duochrome and I actually think this design would look better with a creme as a base instead but this was fun trying out anyhow.

Polishes and materials used:
W7 - Metallic Neptune
Diamond shaped metal stud rhinestones


  1. Hjälp vad snyggt! Både tufft och stiligt på samma gång, riktigt lyckat! Jag har inga såna här metalldakorationer, men känner att jag nog måste införskaffa det nu :)

    1. Ja, en ändå rätt så "enkel" nail art i och med att man "bara" limmar på lite metallstenar, men sjukt effektfullt och dessutom rätt så snabbt gjort! :)
      Ja gör det! Jag måste själv skaffa fler varianter och glöm inte att köpa lim om du inte redan har. Bara topplack räcker inte om man vill att de ska sitta ett tag.

  2. Detta var himla snyggt! Riktigt rockbrudigt ;D //Sara

    1. haha.. tack! :) Kände mig lite rockig när jag bar det..haha ;)


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