Tuesday, April 30, 2013

China Glaze's Glitz-Bitz ‘n’ Pieces Collection sum up swatches

And here I present the "almost" full collection from China Glaze; Glitz-Bitz ‘n’ Pieces. The only polish I skipped was the light pink: Razzle Me, Dazzle Me which I thought I didn't need and afterwards I can only say I made the correct choice.:)

I'll show them in the order I liked them (photos are clickable if you want to get to the original post.):

First up is the blue Mosaic Madness, it had one of the best formulas with one coat and it looks darn good.

China Glaze - Mosaic Madness

On second place I've actually put the red Scattered & Tattered. I think red is a cool combination to many colors, I'll try it with green and blue soon. Another thing is the formula, one coat as the blue on above.

China Glaze - Scattered & Tattered

The third place was hard, I like all colors but today it's the purple Bling It On which is two coats. Since the purple has so much blue in it I think it's as versatile as the blue one.

China Glaze - Bling It On

Maybe surprisingly I've put the green Grafitti Glitter on forth place. I love green and I'd put it on second place at first but then I regretted myself this morning. Maybe because it needs two coats?

China Glaze - Grafitti Glitter

And for some reason I've put the silver Glitz'n Pieces at fifth place even though it's so versatile being silver. Also two coats for this.

China Glaze - Glitz'n Pieces

In reality I've think that the blue Mosaic Madness and the red Scattered & Tattered was the best both color wise and formula wise so I'd firstly recommend them. The other colors aren't bad either so I would really like to put all three of Bling It On, Graffitti Glitter and Glitz'n Pieces on a joined third place. Two coats isn't that much and I really like matte black glitter! :)

Do you agree with me with the order or do you have another favorite? Have you bought any of these or will you buy any of these? :)


  1. Åh de är så fina allihopa, kan inte bestämma mig vilken som är snyggast för de är så läckra allihopa. :-)

    1. Haha, ja egentligen så håller jag med. Ettan och tvåan blev egentligen placeras där mest för de hade bättre formula. :D


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