Thursday, April 4, 2013

needme PARIS Nail Polish

I showed you guys a needme PARIS Nail Polish yesterday and during my time writing my blog I've showed some more of them so I figured I'd show everyone of all of the ones I got in one post for you to see. :)

As I mentioned before this is a budget brand bought from ebay and I've bought them from £0,99-£1.39.
The photos belove are clickable so if you want additional information about each you can check that post out.

The green one above was the first one I bought and also the one which turned out to be the best.

 A cold nuance of yellow creme above.

Above is a bright neon jelly orange. Since it's so sheer being a jelly I've used it in nail arts in gradients and such as the photo to the left.

Above is a nude nuance, maybe it could be called a pastel orange?

Above I want you to look at the brown. I sadly don't have any better swatch of it, but it's a light warm brown shiny creme looking like nougat.

Above is a glitter polish in a clear base.

 In the above manicure It's both the yellow and the pink. I've actually not used the pink more than here as sponged. But I think I should since it's a nice bubble gum pink colored creme.

Here are the ones I've got except for two more, the green and the glitter one showed in this post.


  1. Kul med bra budgetmärken, och ännu roligare när man upptäcker nya såna märken. Fina! :-)

    1. Ja, det är alltid trevligt! :) Mer lack skadar aldrig i min bok. ;)

  2. They look amazing for such a bargain prize!!
    Maybe I should try some :)

    1. Yes, I couldn't agree more. If you're going to try just one I would recommend the green and I suggest you to read about the formula about the others or simply ask me. But when a polish takes three coats and costs just a pound, then it's fine I guess.

  3. I love budget polishes, in some cases they can be better than the expensive brands. I LOVE that green colour and this is a brand I've not heard of before so I'm off to eBay now to try and find it!

    1. I agree with you, more expensive brand some time really disappoint me formula wise/or color wise and then I can go and buy a budget version of it being twice as good. That's pretty cool ;) Fun you liked, hope you'll like the green as much as I did! :D


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