Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shiny vs. texture; Android nail art

Long time no see. And I'm late participating in Lelack's Nail Art Sunday too, but better late than sorry or how it's said? :) The theme this Sunday was the tricky "operating system". I was pretty sure what I wanted to do, especially since I've received some new polishes.

 As you can see I decided for an Android accent nail. I also wanted a texture vs. shiny effect.
The texture polish is called In The Rough and is from China Glaze's texture collection. It's a avocado green shade which needed two coats for full coverage. On my ring finger I've used HM - I'm Not A Kiwi which irl got almost if not the same color as In The Rough. In this photos the color of my ring finger seems very off and the texture color seems correct color wise.
Above is my right hand which I left without accent, mainly because of lack of time. This is my first try of the texture polishes from China Glaze and I must say I like them, way more than OPI's Texture collection! Drying was normal-fast considering that I couldn't use SV on top. ;)
Polishes used:
China Glaze - In The Rough
HM - I'm Not A Kiwi
China Glaze - Pelican Gray


  1. Snyggt och Androidgubben var söt :-)

  2. I love it! The android man is adorable! :D

  3. Min Androidgubbe blev glad över att få sällskap av din Androidgubbe:)

  4. Kul hur du har kombinerat texturlacket med det de glansiga, och fått ihop en så bra matchning med det gröna lacket och Androidgubben. Och Androidgubben var jättebra gjord med!

  5. Wow, så himla snyggt, vad duktig du är, det måste jag visa maken, vi som är androidnördar hela familjen. :-)

  6. Hi Gelic! I love this mani, the colours are very pretty! I'm getting used to seeing more and more of these texture polishes now, I've order myself one from the Bond girls collection.

  7. Söt androidgubbe! Men måste nog säga att jag gillar OPI's sandlack bäst, jag gillar när det är glitter och annat trevligt i, även fast detta var fint! ;) //Sara

  8. LMAO! That turned out really nice and funny ;) kiss



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