Friday, June 21, 2013

HM - Lemon Tree, swatch

Today I'm showing the yellow Lemon Tree from HM. Below is 4 coats and there's a slight VNL but not bothersome enough for me to care. As you can see it's a darker yellow with a hint of red but with out being orange. The formula is creme and on the photos I've got Seche Vite on to make it shine some more. :)

This remind me about the yellow NP18 from Nordic Cap I just showed you. Maybe I should make a comparison so we could check it out. ;) I do love comparisons! :)

I realized afterwards that I hadn't done any clean up so there's some mess on my cuticles but with some luck you're just like me and only notice it because I just told you. ;)


  1. Wow so pretty! I did really only notice because you mentioned it haha. This is such a beautiful shade, so different to anything in my collection! :) xx

    1. Yea, I really like yellow in general and I actually think I got one similar to this one. A comparison will come up. :) I got a bunch of yellows :D

  2. Man blir glad av den :D Gör en jämförelsepost snälla! Vore så kul att se de sida vid sida!
    Glad Midsommar!!! :D

    1. Ja, visst blir man! :D
      Ja, ska ta tag i det. Jag MÅSTE också sortera/städa bland mina lack så då är det ju ett ypperligt tillfälle att se om jag har fler liknande färger. :)
      Glad Midsommar till dig också! :)


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