Wednesday, October 1, 2014

HM - Green Street, swatch

Already October! Time goes by very fast and autumn will probably arrive soon. Here in Germany it's been hot and sunny all day though, but temperature is falling day by day. I'm trying to get my portfolio done so I can search for jobs but so far I haven't created a layout I like. Before next weekend I plan to be done though! :) But now onto polishes, which is the reason you got here in the first place ;)

This is the second time I'm showing Green Street, but I can clearly see that my photo skills have improved. It's a green polish I like and often use for nail art. When I look back I bought it at 2012 so it's not available today, be the color it self is pretty common. This is actually a one-coater creme, but as usual I have 2 coats on here with tc. And for more green manicures, head over to Green Wednesday.

Bought at HM for 29SEK in the LE section. (about 3 euro).


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