Monday, October 27, 2014

United in Pink - Summary of my Pink Ribbon Manicures

Hi! As I said earlier I wanted to do a summary post of all the pink manicures I've done in United in Pink which Helena at Lackycorner was hosting to show awereness to breast cancer and the pink ribbon campaign.

I was able to join six days and below are my manicures (click the image to get to the original post). I have 2 swatches, 1 tutorial and 2 nail art's + the bonus in matte.. :)

Claire's - Junk

Argyle nails

Argyle nail art tutorial
Golden Rose - No.27
Claudia - 603
Claudia - 603
Pink and black nail art, shiny

Pink and black nail art, matte. Claire's matte top coat.


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