Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Like last year Karin at Vacker&Underbar has organized a green theme week for depression awareness; called United in Green.

I'll leap into it and except for some nails I also want to share an article from NY Times with you. It's called Depression’s Upside and is a quite long article which might be hefty if you aren't so into english, but I recommend you giving it a try. It has a lot of interesting points and I could easily make this whole post to discuss all of them but the one I'm going to talk about is the one about medication, and how easy it is for doctors to subscribe meds instead of therapy. I'll quote this from the article:

“I remember one patient who came in and said she needed to reduce her dosage,” he says. “I asked her if the antidepressants were working, and she said something I’ll never forget. ‘Yes, they’re working great,’ she told me. ‘I feel so much better. But I’m still married to the same alcoholic son of a bitch. It’s just now he’s tolerable.’  The point is the woman was depressed for a reason; her pain was about something. While the drugs made her feel better, no real progress was ever made.”

 Maybe medication is the best option for some circumstances but I'd also say that it in other circumstances might not help at all. Like the woman above, "curing her self" with medication to make her blank towards life while the real problem remains; her husband.


And yea, polish.. Today I'm showing MNY MAYBELLINE NEW YORK my VARNISH - 753. The photos has been laying in my archive for a while and much of it is because I'm not so content with the polish or the pictures. I first bought the blue version of this which covered in 2 coats and I expected this to act the same. Which it didn't. The color is a muted shimmer green with yellow/golden shimmer in it. The formula is thin and needed 4-5 coats to properly cover.



  1. Oj, starkt av den kvinnan att se det! Hoppas hon fick hjälp.
    Och fint lack! :D

    1. Ja, väldigt starkt av henne. Fast jag kan tycka att det borde vara läkarna som i första hand som ska hjälpa till med insikten via terapi.

  2. This is a nice colour and finish :-)

    1. Still I'm not over my self with it, probably the thin formula.


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