Thursday, December 10, 2015

NCC presents: Blue monochromatic holo stamping

Hi people, today I have a special post (sadly delayed and therefore NCC has been delayed). 

I was contacted by LadyQueen a few months back and I will review some samples from their site. What first caught my attention was the stamping plates which is from the brand HEHE. If you check the site out and find something you like you can use my 15% discount code: GHLC15

The image plate I decided for is Flower Leafs Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate hehe006,  which has 4 images with thin and crisp lines which are easy to pick up. I can really see a whole bunch of fun designs to create with the help of this image plate in the future.

I started with a blue base and stamped a blue holo on top to create a subtle monochromatic design suiting for The Nail Challenge Collaborative Monochromatic #4. This looked really stunning irl but sadly I'm a bit unhappy with the photos since it was quite dark while I took my photos and they turned out slight out of focus (which I saw after I had removed everything). So, what do you think? :D

Closeup of hehe006. I used the top right design for my mani this time. :) Here's the direct link to it:
Flower Leafs Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate hehe006
but you can also visit the site LadyQueen and use my 15% discount code: GHLC15 for any of the products there. :)

Polishes used:
Color Club - Blue Heaven
Essence -

Flower Leafs Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate hehe006

***Some products in this post have been provided for review, however it has not changed my opinion about them.*** 



  1. I really liked this nail art. Blue is a "risky" colour in the sense that it's not easy to make it look nice in nails, but you did it :D

    Walking Freckle

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  2. This looks amazing!I think was the best theme we had so far :)

  3. Vackert, himla snygg blå nyans med

  4. Great mani, I really like it with the holo :-D


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