Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Smitten Polish - Girl Sprouts, swatch

It is green, holographic and from Smitten Polish, 3 positive things. ;) I bought this in a facebook group and I really like it. The color is grass green and vibrant and I used 3 simple coats. This also happens to be perfect for Green Wednesday.

And some personal update. Last week I started my regular daily reposting again, then suddenly I got the information that I was able to go an education. So with some enormous stress and hazzle I was able to get some place to live in that new town where the education is held, with distance relationship with my beloved boyfriend as a side effect.. Preparing, moving and all around took my focus..but now I've settled.. And feel that I will be able to post more regularly again. I have 3 (!) NCC posts waiting from last month coming up too (photographed, but they has to be edited first). So, that's the latest info, thanks you for reading this. :)


  1. Oh wow, so many big changes! I am glad to hear you are settled now. I hope you will be able to see your boyfriend again soon. Absolutely love this green holo. You captured it perfectly! xx

  2. Gorgeous green holo! :-D

    That's good news, hope it goes well and good luck :-D

  3. Spännande med utbildningen, lycka till! =) Och supervackert holo!

  4. Vackert och otroligt fina bilder du fått till

  5. nice! And I think your blog looks great as well, such an inspiration for me :)

  6. Men oj jösses så underbart lack :O
    Du har fått till en otroligt läckra bilder också :)
    Lycka till med utbildningen :) Så glad för din skull. Distansförhållanden kan vara jobbiga (jag och min fästman höll på med det i två år då han jobbade) men det ska nog gå bra ska du se :)

  7. Lacket är ju som gjort för dina naglar! Jättesnyggt.
    Kul att du kommit in på en utbildning du sökt också! Är ni båda kvar i Tyskland fortfarande eller var det tillfälligt?


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