Sunday, December 20, 2015

Stamped red dripping on nude nail art

Hi, For some strange reason this got stuck in my archive even though it was posted in IG for some time ago. It was part of a twin mani I did with Lakobotan. Basically a nude base with red dripping stamping on top. :) Not the most Christmas like mani, but still wanted to publish. :)

Rival de Loop - 502
Moyou special red nail polish
Bornpretty Stamping plate BP29 (item no 17912) (Bought from bornprettystore sale previously)

Don't forget my 10% discount code: NGL91 :D


  1. Väldigt snyggt stämplat, ser så perfekt ut att jag nästan trodde det var dekaler.

    1. Oj tack, jag får anta att jag börjar bli bättre med stämpling. Ser dock skavankerna själv.. ;)

  2. I really need to build up an archive! These looks great I think I need to use that plate soon.


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