Thursday, December 10, 2015

Purple and white snowflake nail art

So a little fast post with my snowflakes for the Winter Nail Art Challenge. A bit too late, but ofc I'll show them anyhow. :) Tomorrow are my gift/wrapping paper nails. ;)

I started off with a distressed nail art in three purple nuances, then some glitter polish and white snow flake stamping on top. :) Hope you'll like.

Polishes used:
AT09 stamping plate (bought at eBay)
Moyou special nail polish
Essence - A Whisper Of Spring
Essence - Beautiful Lies
KIKO - 333

Claire's - Witchy Woman

BTW, since I'm studying an live another place than home, I only have one lamp but it sadly is a bit yellow toned.. Also it is pitch black when I get up and pitch black when I get home..So I'm really unhappy with how my photos are looking like at the moment. Will keep trying to adjust and see if I can find a better result.. :)


  1. This is gorgeous! I love the flashes of purple in the background! I had to create snowflakes tonight for later in the month and I could not use blue polishes, I found it really hard. In the end I used reds but you have shown me that purples look amazing with snowflakes too, You always pair amazing things! I hope you are doing well and the new education is going well <3

  2. Perfect nails for this time of year! Great choice!

  3. Wow this is super amazing. I really like it. Espcially with the Claire's glitter! Nice addition :-D

  4. Love the background. The manicure is gorgeous. love everything about it :D x

  5. Like everything about this manicure! You know, once I tried beautiful nails and spa procedures, I cannot refuse from the pleasure of being pampered:)


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