Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gelic nail art on instagram!

Yea, it has finally happened, I've got an official instagram account for the blog.


I'll fill it up along with my usual blog routine, so it wont stay empty for long. :)

You can also see it in the side bar to the right, below archive and all the follow stuff. Available at Snapwidget.

I'd also like to mention that my internet connection here in Germany basically sucks atm so I have no wifi to my phone so all posting etc is through my laptop through Gramblr. So if I answer really slow at IG or not at all it's because I don't get tagged, because you only get tagged on the phone.. But that hopefully will get better in the future.

So... Please follow and I'll follow you back :)


I love when you comment my posts even if it's just a simple hello. To simplify I will answer the comments in the post you wrote them in. I'll answer all comments so please check back if you want. :) Have a nice day!
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