Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Nail Art Challenge - Are you joining??? ;)

Helena at Lackycorner has been kind enough to host a nail art challenge in December. And of course I wanted to join, I love nail art challenges! And of course it would be funnier if you joined too! ;) And if you aren't joining, heads up for a lot of winter/christmas nail art in december. ;)

The rules are very simple.
- Any nail art is allowed, and everyone can make their own free interpretation of the themes.
- You can join all days or just one day or as many of the days you want.
- You can join through your blog, instagram, pinterest and/or facebook.

For more info you can check out Helenas own post [HERE]. If you have a facebook account you can join the challenge group page to get all info there (and also to be social with the rest of us;)) and if you don't you can simply email Helena to get more picture sizes (like for IG) and to get inlinkz codes which is available for everyone.

There is 11 days before it starts so if you want you can start preparing, thinking what to do etc now already. :P

So, are you joining??? Tell me in the comments below. :)


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