Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Green funky french with flowers

Hi there, took a tiny pause  here but decided to join Green Wednesday with a mostly green nail art I did in the middle of July this year, it was during that period when north of Sweden had higher temperatures than south of Europe! It was like being abroad, and the sun was shining.. and yup, I was working, inside with a shitty summer job. Anyhow, I tried bringing the summer inside, so I had a dress in the same green color and these summer like nail art. :) I've heard that the snow has started come in Sweden, here in Germany the leafs have started to turn yellow and fall and the temperature is something like 10-15 degrees Celsius today. However the previous weekend was really nice with 20-25 degrees, so for me winter seems far away.

To the nail art then, a green funky french, white "side-flowers" (tutorial here) and opaque black rhinestones. Sadly, since I was working and had little time, the pictures are taken after some days wear and feels a bit meh. But I hope you'll enjoy them anyhow. :D

Polishes and materials used (sorry, no bottle pics this time):

HM - Green Street
Jordana Pop Art - Contemporary White
2 MM black opaque rhinestones


  1. love it !so subtle manicure ! like lace !

  2. very elegant :)
    I like your flowers very much!

  3. I like this a lot. What a cool french :-)

  4. Snyggt! Blev väldigt fint med gröna tippar

  5. Men herregud så vackert... älskar den här manikyren :)
    Här i Finland är det svinkallt (eller ja så kallt det nu känns då det är -6) :P
    Saken är den att det varit så varmt nu i flera veckor å så mitt i allt en dag smäller det till med -6 :D

    1. Tack så mycket! Ja, vädret ändras fort vid hösten :D


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