Friday, November 7, 2014

L.A Girl - Splat, swatch and layering

Oh, my blog routine are all over the place, it's like if I got all the time in the world and therefore don't have any time at all. I'm trying to organize my portfolio so I can get an internship or job here and I guess that my mind is occupied with that.

Anyhow, some nails to enjoy. I think that L.A. Girl released their Splatter Collection in 2013 containing white glitter + different colors in clear bases. One of the bottles I bought was Splat which has matte red hexes in three sizes and matte white hexes in two sizes, in a clear base as said. Think I used one coat on top of Blue My Mind (which I adore), all the red glitter on my pointer is coincidence btw. What do you think about this combo in red, white, blue?

Polishes used:
L.A Girl - Splat (Bought at
HM - Blue My Mind (bought at HM)


  1. beautiful! These red and white glittery particles look wonderful on the blue :)

  2. What a nice glitter topper - looks great over the blue :-)

  3. Snyggt! Och jag känner igen det där med oregelbundet bloggande... :-) Jag tror man måste få låta bloggandet vila lite emellanåt. Det verkar som att folk som pressar sig att blogga varje dag lätt tappar sugen helt. Det måste ju kännas kul! :-)

  4. Loved it. Fantastic glitter top. (;

  5. Snyggt, manikyren poppar verkligen! Hoppas det går bra med portföljen och att du hittar något roligt jobb!

    1. Va bra! Antagligen som BMM som hjälper till med poppandet ;) Tack, jag håller tummarna också :)

  6. amazing royal blue ! i love it so much !

  7. I like those sparkles!

    xx julia

  8. Very lovely and fun design ^^ Creative!!

    恵美より ♥


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