Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Black dotted copper funky french

Here I have a simple nail art that I think is awesome! I like the color combination of Miss Sporty, which in my eyes, is the perfect copper color! Perhaps dreadful if you would wear it all over the nails but perfect for this I think. I also made a bronze line to straighten up my tip line and then the dots painted diagonally over that.

 I finish of with the nails and some roses :) Lovely right?

Miss Sporty Nail Polish - 206 (copper)
Color club Art Club - Bronze
Paris Memories (black)


  1. Den prickiga diagonala linjen gjorde verkligen det där lilla extra för den här manikyren!!
    ...och som florist måste jag även beundra de vackra röda rosorna...! ;)

    1. Ja! Prickarna is the shit på den här, annars hade det varit lite trist. Och jaaa, rosor är så fina :)


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