Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tutorial of poisonous dart frog meets giraffe inspired nail art

Hello there! There was a request that it should be a tutorial of the Poisonous dart frog meets giraffe inspired nail art. And I just thought why not and made my very first tutorial. So I'll hope you'll like it. And for those of you who haven't seen the original post, here it is with more pictures and information about what polishes I've used even though you of cause can use the brand and color of your choice.
Start by panting your nails yellow.

Now we will start with the gradient. To save some time I have started by making two stripes with the brush. And it is only an advantage if the coats aren't completely dry, just surface dry.

Paint some nail polish on a random makeup sponge and start dabbing on the area you want.

In this case I start with the edges and gradiently work my way into the middle avoiding the very middle since we want to keep that yellow. The picture shows one gradient coat.

A tip is to put a lot of polish on your sponge but allow it to "dry" some before you start dabbing on your nail. By waiting you will get a better gradient.

This is the second gradient coat, just blending in the orange color and making it have full opacity on the edges.

If you want you could be finished by then, but if you want your gradient to look even better I would recommend an additional layer of yellow over the middle of the nail.

The additional coat of yellow which I dabb on with the sponge makes the yellow and orange blend in even better with each other, creating a almost seamless gradient.

To make the pattern use a black fine liner nail polish.

Make random shapes reminding you about a giraffe print. It helps a lot looking at giraffe pictures while doing this.

Use a dotting tool or the tip of the brush of your black nail polish to fill the pattern you have made.

And then you're done! Just ad some top coat to seal in the design and making it shiny.

Hope you liked it!
If anything was unclear, please ask. :)


  1. Oh, thanks a lot for this tutorial! I think is really pretty and should definitely give it a try. Though I still need a loooot of practice before it looks like anything near of what you achieved! Plus my nails are rather short... I keep them that way because I have a small baby and I'm afraid to hurt him... But I think this pattern should fit my small nails without problem.
    By the way, I did my very first try to nail art today, and I'll be posting pictures on my blog. I'd really appreciate your opinion and advices to improve!!
    See you

  2. You're welcome! :) Yes, I think you should try and I also think it works fine with short nails, maybe the black spots could be made smaller so it shows it is a giraffe print though depending on how short/small the nails are :D
    Yes! I will check it out, exiting to see! :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, since this was my first attempt making a tutorial. :D

  4. Fy tusan så snyggt :O
    Jisses jag måste så länka till detta nästa gång jag gör en poison dart frog sminkning :D
    underbar manikyr :)

    1. Åh tack, vad glad jag blir att du gillar den! haha, ja gör det! Jag funderar på att göra fler nail arts som är inspirerad av pilgrodaor, dom är ju så snygga! :D

  5. Jättebra tutorial och den här designen är så snygg!

    1. Kul att höra! Jag blev lite osäker på hur tydlig man skulle göra tutorialen men det verkas som om det blev en bra nivå :D


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