Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkins nail art

You know the time when you make nail arts or manicures that didn't end up the way you liked? They felt sloppy or made in a hurry and in top of that you didn't have time for a proper cleanup due to the fact the polish really stucked into your cuticles. In normal cases when I'm not content I just start over but as I said, last week I didn't have the time so I'll thought I show you it anyhow.

 Above is left hand and below is my right hand. Weirdly I liked my left hand more..
This is nothing new in the nail art world, I think the idea is good, in my case I really don't like that the whole nail art didn't show on the nail. It looks like if my nails are short and the whole pumpkin didn't fit there. And after that I panic and added glitter and matte topcoat and the disaster was on.

Oh well, happy Monday to you'll!


  1. I like it, and one can't always have everything perfect!

    1. Thank you! :) No it doesn't have to be that, and it is learning by doing that makes improvements.

  2. I love the idea!
    Next time you'll do them perfect!
    I know you will.

    1. Yes, I also think that the idea is good. Practice makes it perfect. I will definitely try this again. :)


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