Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blue gradient with black stripes

For this Saturday I have archive nails to show you, with non the less my favorite effect polish(!). My favorite is Paris Memories, but sadly I have no name of it since Paris Memories only has numbers on a paper piece at the side of the bottle which gets rubbed of instantly. I have the name/number only on few of my Paris Memories because of that.

But let's go to the nail art. I've made a gradient of a very dark blue, then added my Paris Memories effect polish over it to make a cool effect from the naked nail to the dark blue and then I painted black stripes over the whole thing.

At this point I'm not sure if I like the black stripes or not but at least it a fun idea if you don't just want to make a gradient.

And I finish of with bottle pictures. As you can see it's in a pink clear base, however when painting it over white it doesn't turn the polish into pink, what you see is the heavy amount of almost transparent glitter which glitters in a spectra from blue to purple, but there's also glitter which glitter the whole rainbow in it, so I also see some red, orange, pink and green glitter as well. But it's the most beautiful over black, almost making a star night over the nails.

However, my bottle is half empty and I can't get this anymore so I wonder if any one might know a dupe for this?

Paris Memories (dark blue)
Paris Memories (effect glitter polish)
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Black


  1. Jag tycker det ser väldigt fint ut! Jag gillade effektlacket också!

  2. Va kul att höra! :) Ja, och fler skulle jag vilja ha, ångrar att jag inte köpte en extraflaska. Nu har jag börjat snåla! :/

  3. Gillade ränderna ovanpå gradienten, snyggt.

  4. Himla fint! Detta hade ju också platsat i gårdagens tema :)

    1. Tack! Eller menar du måndagens blåa tema? :)

  5. I like it--it's a sort of modern abstract zebra. :)

    1. Thank you! Such a fun way of describing it! :D


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