Saturday, October 20, 2012

Isadora - Latte queen

I've done a quick test with one of my latest purchases; Isadora - Latte queen. It was a spontaneous purchase since it was on sale. However I liked it, I only have colored crackles before and this is more neutral allowing more colored base colors.

I've been wearing some pinks this week so I thought it was a good idea to test it of with pink. The pink base is from Paris Memories and as you already know, the nudeish crackle color is Isadora - Latte queen. I've already got some ideas for nail arts with this which I hope will work out. :)


  1. I'm not very fun of cracked polish because there has been so so many out there! but you're right this is quite unusual colour for cracked, I wonder how you could combine it?

    1. I agree with you that there has been a bunch of crackle out there, and I think they seldom look more than just okay or sometimes even "ugly" on the nails. However I've been thinking I could do some nail art, including tape and some cool rhinestones, and maybe playing with matte and shiny and also the correct colors making it look good. However, I haven't tried my idea yet so I can't be sure, but I'll post it anyhow, ugly or fine looking. ;D


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