Monday, October 8, 2012

Flower and leaf fimo nail art on gold glitter funky french

For this monday I have a holo gold glitter funky french with flower and leaf fimos. I also have some pearl rhinestones on the accent nails.

My opinion is that the idea is good, but for some reason my nails look really yellow in the pics, discolored perhaps in combination with bad light? And that spoils it for me. In normal circumstances I love fimos and holo gold glitter tips. I actually have another one of these with holo gold glitter tips and blue flowers somewhere in the archive that I like better.

Polish and material:
Sure Promise (holo gold glitter)
Fimos (flowers and leafs)
1MM pearl rhinestones (light green)


  1. Du fortsatte på temat fransk manikyr från igår! ;)
    Tycker idén är jättebra, men som du säger känns de gula, men det kanske är ljuset bara...?
    Blomman ser precis ut som en förgätmigej!! Sååå söt!!! :D

    1. Ja, älskar franska manikyrer! :D
      Mjo..oavsett så ser det fult ut att det är gult men det får man leva med, så blev korten. :)
      Gillar också den fimosen, så fin blomma och nu när det säger det så har du ju rätt, som en färgätmigej! :D

  2. Aww...I think you're too hard on yourself. This manicure is cute. I've never tried fimo before, but the way yours turned out, it convinces me that I should try it one day. :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think you should, it's easier than one would think! And the fun thing is that fimos comes with such variety so you could really find your favorite kind of them amongst all flowers, hearts, butterflies, dragonflies, chocolate bars and even egg n bacons etc. :)

  3. This design looks very nice to me!


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