Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Comparison neon pink polishes

During this week I've showed some pink neon polishes and I figured that it would be fun to compare them, not that they look like dupe's at all, but because I thought it would be fun to see them side to side.

From left to right I have;
CG - Love's A Beach
CG - Under The Boardwalk
CG - Hang-Ten Toes
Kleancolor - Neon Pink

I've used two coats on everyone except Hang-Ten Toes, where I needed three coats.

My thoughts:  All the China Glaze polishes have a sheer formula giving some VNL, it depend on how sensitive you are but I'm not bothered by it. CG - Love's A Beach and Hang-Ten Toes have a shimmer in them which is extra visible in the sun, making them almost glowing. Kleancolor is as you can see a creme and covers really well but needs the second coat to cover. For nail art Neon Pink is the best choice since it's the opaquest. Here it's also possible to actually see how red Under The Boardwalk looks comparing to the other. My favorite is with out doubt Love's A Beach, and as I said I'd use Neon Pink for nail art details :)
Attention.. some sad news (at least for me) you know the second polish, Under the boardwalk, today I found a new pink that I didn't know that I had, to make a long story short, at a facebook group things unraveled ; Under the boardwalk is NOT suppose to be pink, it should be purple (check pamsan's swatch out >here<). The mysteriously new pink I found was Beach Cruise-R, which should NOT be pink either!! However I remember it to be purple and other people also remembered it to be purple but now it has changed color. To clarify; in the collection there where two purple polishes, now both of them has changed color! There's no mislabeling, they where purple before but now they aren't. I think this is sad since they where my only purple neons and now I have none.... :(


  1. Great comparison!!! Thank you so much and your pictures ahow the differences so well!! My favorite is the purple-no-longer-purple Boardwalk something <3

    1. Thanks! haha.. yea, it do look nice, but I think I wold have liked it more if I'd bought it for the color. A bit disapointing since I bought it purple even though I like it like this too...

  2. Tack! En riktigt bra jämförelse och just den där färgen har ju min Under The Boardwalk också fått fastän den var lilaktig från början!

    1. Tack! Ja, insåg att min också var lilaaktig från början.. Den är ju fin nu också men jag köpte ju de lila för att jag ville att de skulle vara lila.. :/


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