Friday, October 4, 2013

Holographic gradient in black and silver

Hi, I took a little break after the challenge so I haven't checked my blog or any other blog for that matter as well. During my little break I've also been able to get shelfs to my closet and that has taken so much time; from measuring, drilling, organizing and getting all clothing in position (I'm still not done). However I really wanted to drop in here for two reasons, one is to thank you all for the great response from the challenge, it really warms my heart! <3 The second reason is to join the Holo Friday with my newest holo nail art; a gradient made with holo polishes. I really like the result, the rainbow really make the gradient seamless and I'll definitely remake this! The inspiration for this came from ballroom dresses and I also joined a competition with this and if I haven't mistaken I think I was one of the winners(?). I'll tell you more about that later. Now let's look at rainbows! :D

Polishes used:
Color Club - Harp on it (silver)
Color Club - Beyond (black)


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