Monday, October 7, 2013

Liebster award 3 & 4

During the past weeks I've recieved two Liebster awards and even though I've done two of them before I figured that it has been some time since the last one so I decided to combine my two given awards and make them as one. So get prepared for some reading. The pink one I got from HG nail design and the green one from the Beauty Case.

 The rules are:

    • Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
    • Answer the eleven questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you.
    • Nominate eleven (11) others bloggers whit less than 200 followers.
    • Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination.
    • Give your nominees 11 questions to answer. 
    • Another thing on one of the Liebster awards is to share 11 facts about your self; I'll cheat so you can look here and here for my previous fun random facts.
Beauty Cases questions;
  1. Why do you have a nail blog ?
    I liked reading other peoples nail blogs, because I realized that swatches was good to see what polishes I wanted to purchase and nail art inspired me to do more stuff my self. Before starting my blog I had already started to photograph my nails so I figured that I might as well show them, and if no one would read I would have an archive with nail art's for the future.
  2. What your family thinks about your hobby ? If they're aware of it, of course…
    I don't think I've been talking so much about my polishes to others, most people have prejudges about it and then I don't bother telling them I got 10-20 times the amount of polishes they think I've got. Many people know I paint my nails though. My parents and especially my mum thinks my collecting is fun and encourage it.  Only my BF knows about my blog or well, I might have mentioned the blog to some friend as well, but I don't think they read. I know my BF think I spend to much time with nail related things even though he thinks it's fun that I have an interest.
  3. Which kind of finish do you love the most ?
    I like variety but for nail art cremes are generally the best and for regular manicures without nail art I think I prefer duochromes.
  4.  What’s your favorite nail polish ?
    I've got too many.. I do like Ninja Polish - Humble bee and W7 - Salt n Pepper a lot.
  5.  You are cast away on an island, and only 3 things survive to the shipwreck. What they are ?
    Oh, what a hard question.. I'm not shallow so I don't need polish when being shipwrecked... For the island I'd have water, some snacks (for the waiting time) and a cellphone so I can call for help asap. lol. My shipwreck would be an oppurtunity for a tiny vacation on an tropical island.
  6. Who’s the strongest: The Thing (it's clobberin' time)or The Hulk (Hulk smash tiny humans)?
    I'm not a fan of either of them, Hm, Hulk?
  7. When you blog ? There’s a specific moment in your day, or not ?
    Well, not really. But mostly late at night or when I get up, I mostly schedule my posts so it really doesn't show when I write my posts.
  8. Do you love tea ?
    Yes, I'm a serious tea lover, I definitely prefer it over coffee.
  9. How many languages do you currently (and properly) speak ?
    I speak swedish and english the best. I'm could get around speaking french too. And like most sweds I understand danish and norwegian too. I guess I can understand the majority of italian and spanish
    in written text , because there's so many words shared with the franch language.
  10. Do you like join challenges ?
    Yes, I just finished the 31 day challenge and I'm currently doing the Where In The World-challenge and will join the United In Pink week 42. :)
  11. What do you think about my blog (The beauty case)?
    I like it! I think it's fun to follow many different nationalities on nail blogs because new/unknown brands are shown and it's also fun to communciate with other no matter where there from.
HG Nail Design's questions;
  1. What is your favorite polish?
    Oh, easy this time since I answered it above;
    Ninja Polish - Humble bee and W7 - Salt n Pepper.
  2. What is your favorite technique to use?
    Hm, I guess free handing is the favorite..
  3. What mani are you planning for the next holiday?
    I have no idea yet, I don't wear special manicures for holidays and just improvise each manicure. However I've done a list of different nail art's I'll do for the future, if I don't know what to do one day.
  4. What is your favorite top coat?
    Seche Vite is the only one I use now days.
  5. What is your favorite tool to use when doing freehand nail design?
    Hm, I prefer using fine liner polishes and have a bottle for each color, dotting tools are a great compliment too.
  6. What time of day do you do your mani's?
    All times of the day, I try to plan them though so I can photograph them in day light.
  7. What technique have you not tried yet that you would like to?
    Hm, I've tried a lot of techniques.. water decals and nail foil are two things I haven't tried yet though. Then there's also smaller techniques within a technique I haven't tried yet, like water marble patterns I haven't tried yet.
  8. What is the biggest challenge you've faced writing your blog?
    Having the time to manage the blog properly, writing posts, answer comments and withholding some kind of quality, another thing is to get loyal readers. Having readers is just a plus but it sure is fun getting comments. :)
  9. What do you use for your base coat?
    I've used China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat for a period and I repurchased it so I think it's good.
  10. What lotion or oil do you use for your cuticle care?
    I'm not that good moisturizing.. Just random hand cremes.
  11. How much planning goes into your mani and how much of it is spur of the moment?
    Hard to say, I look at a lot of inspirational images, I have an entire folder in Pinterest just for inspiration so before I make something I know what to do but when I look for images it can take hours. Sometime I just take a bunch of polishes and just do the first thing that comes to me.
  12. What polish do you think everyone should have in their collection?
    Probably Seche Vite, it really improved everything for me, it don't smudge nail art, keep the nails stronger and the most important is that it dries the manicure so fast that I never have to bother about bumps in the manicure.

My 11 questions;
1. The classical question; how many polishes do you have in your stash?
2.  Is there an amount of polishes that is enough or is the collecting continuing as long as it makes you happy?
3. What was your first polish bought or given?
4. What kind of nail art technique do you enjoy the most to see/do?
5. When you buy nail polish, do you prefer buying them from a physical shop or an online shop?
6. Which are your favorite physical shop(s) and online shop(s)?
7. Is there any nail polish/ nail art trend/ nail length which really stand out in your country comparing to others?
8. Do you paint your nails anywhere or do you have a special place you always paint them? What place in that case?
9. If your blog wasn't nail related, what would it then be about?
10. Does it happen that you color coordinate your clothing/outfit to your nails or the opposite?
11. Do you think that there's any color or nail art that doesn't fit long/short nails?

My nominees;
Lakobotan/ Приют ЛакоБотана
Colorful Cupcake Cat
Miss Love2807
The Polished Cowgirl

Plumeria Painted
Sannas Naglar
Polish and Repeat
Nails On The Beach

Beauty By Bella

The Bubbly brunette
Oh No, Not Another Nail Art Blog!
Manis by Moore

It's not mandatory to join but it would be fun if you do, often these awards are a great way to get to know new blogs, and also perhaps get more readers. :)


  1. first question is the hardest one...

    1. haha, you mean the one about how many polishes? I personally don't have a clue about that either.. I count them some day...probably.. :D

  2. Tack snälla! Va glad jag blev :) Och va roligt det var att läsa dina svar! Jag är också som du, endast min sambo vet att jag bloggar... Vet inte varför, men det är kul att vara lite hemlig också :P
    Ska besvara awarden så fort jag får tid! Tack igen!

    1. Tack själv, kul att du gillade den! :) Ja, egentligen skulle man ju kunna berätta för varenda människa, men jag är inte så högljudd av mig och trivs också såsom det är just nu. :)

  3. Så roligt att veta ännu mer om dig! Folk överöser dig med awards - inklusive jag ;) och du är värd varenda en!

    1. Tack, vad snällt sagt <3 :) Jag tar emot dem med öppna armar! ;)

  4. Hi Gelic! I love reading this kind of post, I get to know better the blogger. I have many things in common, when I blog, and do my manicures, and also about other caring but not so much about nails. What you wrote in question 2 could have been my own answer word by word!

    1. Hi! Yea, that's what I like too, all nail nerds have more "nuances" too and it's fun to scrape the surface a bit and getting more personal from time to time and also realizing that we have more in common than only nail polish. :)

  5. That was really interesting to read, it's always nice to know a bit more about different bloggers :) Thanks again for the nomination, I definitely want to answer your questions!! :)

    1. Thank you! Fun you liked the award! I totally agree with you also, it's fun to get to know one another a bit better. :) I'm looking forward of reading your answers! :)

  6. Long but really interesting post... I agree with
    Natalia and Gillian, it is always a good chance to know better the persons who stands behind the blogs!
    Thank you very much for this award! ^_^

    1. Yea, the post gets super long when they're like this and takes some amount of time to write too but it's worth it I think, as you say it's fun to get to know one another. :)
      And you're welcome! :D

  7. Ooh I love reading your post (: Its always Fun to know more about people I adore (: x

  8. Jättekul att läsa mer om dig och ditt intresse för lack!

    Tackar för awardet, vad fint! Nu blir jag jätteglad!

    1. Kul att du gillade inlägget även om det var lååångt. ;) Kul även att du blev glad för awarden :)


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