Sunday, October 20, 2013

Summary United In Pink; part 1 - swatches

I figured that I wanted to show some kind of summary of all the pink polishes I have shown during this week. (And yea, I cheated a bit since two of these polishes below were "appetizers" before UIP) Since it has been quite many posts I decided to divide it between swatches and nail art's and in this post we'll take a look at the swatches again. You can click the pictures if you want to get to the original post.
I would also like to thank Pamsan and Helena which came up with this idea. <3

Collection 2000 - 184, swatch

Kleancolor - Neon Pink, swatch

China Glaze - Hello Gorgeous!, swatch

China Glaze - Under The Boardwalk, swatch
Aw. Under the boardwalk.. I realized that this on should have been purple and not pink. When I bought it, it indeed was purple but the color has somehow changed. :(
Kleancolor - Pastel Pink, swatch

China Glaze - Love's A Beach, swatch

China Glaze - Hang-Ten Toes, swatch

Comparison neon pink polishes

China Glaze - Unrefined, swatch

W7 - Pink Dazzle, swatch

Catherine Arley - 804, swatch
I have many more pink polishes but what I can see from this is that I prefer the pastel pink polishes and the bright cerise pink polishes the most. I'm not that into the middle tones. Hope you liked the swatches and perhaps found a new polish or brand to like. :)

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