Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kleancolor - Neon Pink, swatch

Hi! Hope you all will have a great Saturday and weekend. As I've said before, next week will be a cascade of pink when United In Pink starts, but I couldn't help my self and decided to show some pink today as well, like a soft start of next week.

The polish I'm showing is Kleancolor - Neon Pink, which is yet another budget brand. I've purchased a bunch from an ebay seller but I've seen that the seller has almost tripled the shipping since the first time I ordered so I guess it's cheaper in other places now. Anyhow, Neon Pink is not a "real" neon per ce, it's more of a creme and dries shiny. However the color is very vibrant and the formula makes it very opaque, here I used 2 coats. Drying time is normal with SV and I must say I like this polish.  I've used it in several nail art's but this is the first time I've used it as a full manicure. The first photo is in direct sunlight and the other in natural light.

Is this a color you like? What's you're favorite pink shade to wear? lighter, darker, brighter or everything?


  1. Vilken härlig färg! Undebart såhär års!

  2. I've never been into pink colour generally, but when I started polishing my nails, I looove pink :D :D Over all I love lighter pink shades and bright ones the most. But just today I've put on a darker jelly neon polish and love it :D And this Kleancolor neon is really gorgeous!

    1. Yea, I'm same as you.. I'm not into pink either, I don't have any clothing or stuff which is pink but it's okay on the nails and very nice in nail art's especially when black and white is combined. ;P


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