Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blogger Friendship Award / Premio dell'amicizia Blogger

And while I'm at rewards I've also received an award called the Blogger Friendship Award from Oh No, Not Another Nail Art Blog!. She gave it to me a month ago and I figured that I should do it too while I'm doing rewards.

The rules are simple; Tell 7 things about your self and then nominate 7 blogs (with less than 200 followers).

My 7 things about my self (again today):
  1. My first holographic polish ever was from the OMG-collection, and was 2NITE.
  2. I think I've told this before but I love drawing, sketching and painting.
  3. I did my whole upper secondary school (when being about 16-19, the three years before university) in English (english lectures and books etc) and according to the national standard instead of the regular Swedish system which means that my grades look different to many other's even though they're translatable between each other.
  4. I store my polishes in 2 Helmers from IKEA, however all drawers aren't filled and some contain makeup and other random stuff.
  5. Lately I've been totally stoked about the houndstooth pattern, both in nail art and clothing. :)
  6. I like watching films and tv series in many genres (but I don't like drama/love comedy's as much as other genres). My bf finds it weird that I know all the "geeky" sci-fi film/series references in TBBT..
  7. I love avocados!
And I'll actually skip nominating blogs this time since I just nominated 15 bloggers to the other award, however if anyone feels like doing it anyhow please tell me in the comments. :)


  1. Cool! I love painting and drawing too! I've done it from time to time but I've had a break for the last 10 years. I've just started again for a little while ago, thanks to nail art ;D

    1. Oh, cool to hear that! :D Fun that you've started again, I wish I had more time to create more stuff :D

  2. lol.
    it's very clear that you like to draw - it's on your nails all the time =)

    about TBBT - I don't understand all their jokes... but it's very interesting to watch this guys - as some psychological types =) and Leonard as a psychologist's son =)))

    3 years in english? oh my gosh! I'm afraid that do you think of my language 8-/
    maybe, I skipped it, but now I wanna ask (if you don't mind, ofcourse) - what is your profession? you told something about univercity (here) and exams (today)...

    1. Haha, yes, you're correct! ;) But I wish I had more time for the non-nail related drawing-for-fun-stuff too. :P

      I don't know if I get every joke in TBBT either or especially all physics terms they refer to. The sci-fi I get though.. But I like that the show is very laid back, I can't sit in the sofa being tired and just have a good time laughing. XD

      You shouldn't be intimidated by my so called "english skills", I make language mistakes all the time, during the day I often re-write/re-spell some stuff in my posts because I see But I do have spell-check in my web browser which helps a lot too. :P

      I don't mind ;) I've got a bachelor in industrial design and the university stuff I do now are 50-75% distance courses in design (like more theory and some 3D-modelling) and I also work as a product developer/industrial designer the other half of my time. :)

  3. I see =)
    I'm a half-time student too =)))
    3D-modelling? wow!

    about english - my english spell-check doesn't work on this site... maybe 'coz I choose russian interface, I dunno =/ and I think, I need some dictionary - it become warder to comment (mostly all I can say is only "nice", "cool" and "awesome"). lol =)

    1. Cool, what are you studying? :D

      What web browser are you using? I use Firefox and they have an app/feauture for the program for spell-checks for any language one want. :D I think you're better in english than you think though. I can clearly see that you can write more than only "nice" and "cool" ;) But also understand, I read some french blogs and my comments there are mostly "j'aime" "chouette" "jolie", which is saying something is nice in :D

    2. I study psychology =) more hr way, but still... =)

      I use google chrome. and it has the same thing, and it works everywhere exept this site lol =)))
      lol. thanks!
      that thing with commenting... you know, it's more like "I like it or not"... if it's no, than I don't comment at all. and if it's "I like it", than it mostly "nice", "cool" and "awesome" =) even in russian =) maybe it's hard for me to add something clever to the others =)))

    3. Wow, psychology! A hard subject but still very interesting. I've been interested in it but then I fell for the design finally. ;)

      Haha, how weird it doesn't work here! Must be blogger that mess everything up then. Not chrome fault.

      I see. But I think people are happy with short comments too. Every comment doesn't have to be a novel. I like both short and long comments, it depend on the blog post subject too. But the same as you I don't comment if there's nothing to say either. ;)

    4. to be honest, it's a bit boring to study science that only 150 years old... it's mostly the same names everyday, everywhere... thanks God, it's my lasr year there =/

      yeah, blogger acts very strange all the time =/

      you're right! =) it's nice to get comments in general =)

    5. Ah, I see.. that don't sound as fun. But only one year to go ;)

      Yea, before I had a problem with posting photos but now it's back to normal. I also know that the search function are malfunctioning for many people.

    6. 6 monts to go... and loads of exams in this monts...
      but, I can't wait =)))

      well, this site is strange all the time... some bloggs are shaking =/ like at this moment - the whole page is ok, but links on the right side (your friend's blog posts) are shaking =/

      I don't know how to reach you other way, so:
      I've answered all your comments =) and wanna say - I was wrong, some russian bloggers are nice people too =) lol =)))

      hope you passed all your univercity stuff well this winter =)

    7. I see. And then you're finished I guess? Will you work with psychology or will you do something totally different?

      Oh my, that's so weird... And annoying too!

      If you want to reach my in other ways I have my email-adress; gelicnailart @ (without the spacing ofcourse) or facebook if you like? I don't know what you use? Ortherwise I'm bad with social networks, I use skype seldom and only for chat. Before I used MSN and some more but now days I don't use it anymore.

      Thanks too.. As I wrote in a comment at your blog I've only got some small exams left in january and then I'm done with my studies for this time. If I don't get in at the master program which I doubt. :)


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