Saturday, November 9, 2013

Old archive nails: Nailside inspired "Abstract 80's"

The sixth day of old archive nails. I'm starting to get a bit fed up showing these oldies when I got nail art's that I'm much more content about. Like during this summer I had a period I just kept creating so many awesome manicures one after I sound like such a bragger but mostly when I do nail art there's a variety of quality between my nails art's, ie. I'm less content and makes errors, however during that period I was content all the time, I guess I was filled with creative inspiration!

Nuff' rambling, right? Today I'm showing my first try at the blogger Nailside's "abstract 80's". Here you can find her tutorial. If you haven't heard about Nailside, I'd say she's the goddess of tape manis, hers are perfect, symmetrical and just damn impeccable. She make's it look simple. A sad thing is that she unexplainable have disappeared since April this year. Anyhow, below is my less good try of it. The thought of it is that the sheer/jelly polish are suppose to show through both colors and give a cool graphical effect, very much like something cool abstract 80's thing going on. Let's put it like this, my polish choice weren't the best, my tape placement and use failed miserable and also the photos are in bad light etc. These are from November 2012 and I think I should make a new try, I've practiced some with the tape, stopped using regular stationary tape (which don't work for me), I've bought a bunch of great jellies and maybe I could recreate this much better. :)

Polishes used:
W7 - Mosaic
Kleancolor - Black
(purple/pink unknown budget brand)


  1. Hi Gelic, oh I like this mani and particularly the sheer polish tweaking all used polishes and I find that graphic effect comes across just excellent :-)

  2. Oh this is so 80's! I love =)
    And wow, nailside really masters the tape technique *_*
    Hihi I think it's very normal that we have up and downs when it comes to nailart (and everything else actually). But I prefer to see some messy but hand painted nails than always perfect water decals ^.~

    1. I agree with you in everything! ;) Nail side is really a guru of tape.. Some people just have skills from the start because from what I know how she has explained she just "did" and then it just was great from the beginning.
      And it's fine to hear that it's not just me, that we all have ups and downs in anything and everything, I guess that's being human. :)


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