Sunday, November 10, 2013

Old archive nails: striped sloping funky french

Hi, since I got a lot of stuff in the archive and since I'm eager to show these seriously old ones I decided to show one today even though the most fun post of the day will be my second post; which is my nail art sunday post; which contains a fresh and new manicure inspired by the them; "light". Hope you'll check it out! :)

But now we're at this post which is a striped sloping funky french from August, 2010. I really like this type of french manicure and I did them much more often when my nails generally where shorter since it's such a good way to fool the eye to make the nails looks longer. However I also think it's pretty no matter the length so I should use that nail art look more often.

Polishes used:
Sure Promise (yellow and green)
L.A. Color Art Deco - Black


  1. even your "shorter" nails are longer than mine "longer" nails 8-/

    nice idea. I'd try this =)

    1. Thank you! But I realized that the length I'm having above is almost the same to what I have today, but now I have square shape instead of that oval. XD

      I'd also love to see your version of this! :D


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