Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Old archive nails: Sloping french mani with flowers

Today I'm continuing to show old archive manicures, I wrote more about this in the Monday post. And today I have something seriously old to show you; one of my oldest photographed nail art's ever. This is from March 2010, which is about three and a half years ago. My nails where shorter than now but I actually already knew some tricks of making them look longer, here with the asymmetrical french manicure. This was also one of my first tries with the dotted flowers, not too bad! :D

It's a long time ago but polishes used are:
China Glaze - White Out
Kubiss (the blue/purple)
Wet n Wild (base shimmer)
1 MM pink rhinestones


  1. Oj vad länge sen! Vad kul att du sparat den! Jättefin också! :D

    1. Ja, väldigt länge sen! Och tack, lite nostalgi är det allt ;)


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