Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nude crackle and metallic pink to nude gradient

For this Saturday I decided to pick something from the archive. Some time I like recreating my manicures, but perhaps in other colors and this is one of those. I liked the original version much better, that one felt icy and cool but maybe you prefer this version?

Anyhow, a problem with this time was that I was too stressed out and didn't let the base gradient dry enough which made the crackle drag the underlying polish some. I also think that I let the pink gradient go too far over the nude. Anyhow, I'll try the other colors too as soon as I got time. :)

Polishes used:
Isadora - Latte queen (crackle)
Kleancolor - Sheer Pastel Cocoa
Kleancolor - Metallic Pink


  1. I never liked cracking polish but your mani looks great!

    1. Thank you! I'm not the biggest fan either but I'm really content about this nail art, or especially the blue version of this. :D

  2. Oh this looks really cool. I haven't used crackle polishes in a long time. It's a love/hate thing haha But I like to see it on others and yours rock!

    1. Thank you! I don't think I use them often either, honestly they do have a tendency of looking ugly on the nails.. I've tried many variations to try implement them in nail art but this is the best version I've done, or well the blue version of this at least. XD


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