Thursday, November 7, 2013

Old archive nails: Asian inspired manicure and pedicure

I'm continuing with my theme with old archive manicures found deep in the archive and today I have a matching manicure and pedicure so if you're allergic to feet or perhaps nail polish on the cuticles you might wanna close your eyes. ;) These photos are from December 2011, two years from now.

I have mentioned it before but I quite often have nail art on my toes as well, however I don't always photograph it. Again with this posts, it's fascinating to realize that I didn't see that I needed clean up for this and nowdays I really try to paint as delicate as I can to make less clean up. Anyhow, I think that the manicure pattern combined with the pedicure flowers, all in the same colors feels a bit asian. I also must say that I actually like this a lot and I must recreate this! :D

Polishes are mostly unknown, but probably;
Paris Memories (black)
L.A. Color's art Deco - Silver
L.A. Color's art Deco - Black
(Unknown red)
(Unknown white)
2MM pearl rhinestones.


  1. I like both, manicure and pedicure but the mani looks especially pretty! =)

    1. Aw, thank you! :D I think I prefer the manicure too :)

  2. I like both =)
    but... really... clean up, clean up, clean up...

    and... nail art in pedicure...? you're my hero! I'm too lazy for this - polish stripes in the summer - that's my maximum.

    ps. have you seen my recreation of your challenge mani yet?

    1. Thank you! and I SO agree, clean up makes everything so much better but I didn't realize that 2 years ago when I took this photo. :( Nowdays I've learned! :)

      and YES, I've seen it and commented it earlier this evening! You're such a cutie pie and I loved your recreation of the water marble, but yours was seriously better! I loved it and I felt so happy for everything you wrote! A big THANK YOU! :D :D :D

    2. 2 years ago I did manicure like... twice a year maybe... and the best polish clean up solution for lazy me was - hot shower or cleaning dishes =)
      you have much more expirience than I have =)

      I haven't seen your comment yet then I wrote this comment =)
      lol. thanks! but you did gradient much better =)
      well... anyway. I'm really glad that I found you and your blog =)
      (and I was so happy then I found my angels mani at your pinterest page lol)

    3. Haha.. I was so like you, my clean up was mostly showers and occasional cleaning of dishes. Maybe, I've been in for nail art for quite some time now but the biggest changes and improvement have been due to this blog :)

      I'm also happy to have found you and your blog :D Even if you say that I have more experience than you I have much to learn from you (you show a lot of inspiring stuff) and you also show interesting brands not known to me! :D

      Haha, and I just had to save it, your angel mani is SO adorable! :D One day I hope to recreate it, if I manage is another thing but we'll see. If I do I'll be sure to tell you! :D

  3. Hihi gillar tånageln, det var gulligt. Mina är svartlackade för det mesta

    1. Tack! Jag byter rätt så ofta färg men jag måste säga att jag är extra förtjust i neon, speciellt på sommaren, men annars så kan det vara alla färger och finnishar, även svart. Ibland om jag vill se hur väl en färg täcker, dvs om den behöver underkläder så kan jag testa på tånaglarna. Sen är det även kul att testa nail art även om jag oftast gör denna typ av blommor som ovan. :D


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