Saturday, September 15, 2012

Catherine Arley - 667, swatch

I have a really busy weekend so I'll probably will not have time to be as active as I usually am at the blogosphere. I will have time for that Monday night I figure, I've also got a reward to answer so that will be then. :D

For today I have a gray scatter holo to show, namely Catherine Arley - 667. I really love holo polishes and I think I've got too few, I would definitely wish for more, or well get around and buy the pricy little devils my self because I do like the linear ones better. 

The two above is captured over a lamp (yellow ones sadly) because I had a hard time actually finding the rainbows on film even though I saw the subtle scatter rainbows in real life. Worth mentioning is that this is one of the newer less holographic batches from what I understand. 
And the picture above is how it looks without the rainbows, almost like the tip of a graphite pen. I must say that I really like how it looks both when being holographic and without.

The downside of this polish is that it is very thin and for this I must have used 5-6 coats (or 6-7..). Drying time is however very fast and the finish is amazing, it looks like a glass surface over the nails and that is without top coat. The next time I'll use it I'll layer it over a gray I think.

And tomorrow I've got a nail art with this. ;) *teasing* ;)


  1. Det ser underbart ut :)
    Jag har smått problem med holo lack för de jag äger (två stycken) är hopplösa att lacka naglarna med :D

    1. Ja, till några av de dyrare varianterna tycks man ju behöva ett speciellt baslack till, aqua base eller vad det heter. Läst att nån tagit seche vite för att det ska flyta på bättre med. Väldigt onajs att det ska vara svårt att lacka med :D

  2. Ive got this one but in pink :D its really pretty! im a new follower via GFC xx

    1. I have pink one's too. They cover much better also I think. I like them! :)


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