Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Liebster Award

I've recieved the Liebster award from Shortylegs and finally I've completed it. So for the readers not interested in stuff like this can just skip this post and come back later for more nail art. :)

The rules are:

* Tell 11 things about yourself.
* Answer the 11 questions the other came up for you.
* Think of 11 new questions for the ones you will nominate.
* Nominate 11 other bloggers with less then 200 followers.
* Tell the other bloggers by leaving a comment.
* You can't be tagged back.

Eleven things about my self:

1. As anyone could have guessed, I love nail polish and nail art.
2. I love chocolate in all forms.
3. I like baking. Like cute cupcakes with beautiful topping.
4. I like cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.
5. I love animals, especially dogs.
6. I’m a big fan of insects of all kinds (except ants), because I think they are beautiful.
7. I’m an industrial design student.
8. I collect jewelries.
9. I love go out fishing.
10. Except for nailpolish I also like makeup, wearing it almost every day.
11. I love fruit and berries, especially strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

The questions shortylegs asked:

1) If you were told that you had 3 wishes and that they would become reality as soon as you made the wishes.. what would you wish for?
Money, health and a happy life for me and the people I like.

2) What is your favorite nail polish at the moment?
Iiih, can’t decide! They are so different. I guess that I really like W7- salt n pepper and Ninja Polish  - floam, and Humble bee. I guess that they are my most unique polishes so at this point those are my three favorites at the moment. But ask me tomorrow and I would maybe say something else. ;)

3) What made you start blogging?
I love reading nail blogs, and thought that it would be fun to share my nail art to the “world”.

4) Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry?
I like both but I’m definitely a silver jewelry person.

5) Do you have a person that inspires you? Who is it?
Blogwise there is a ton of people that inspires me. I like googeling different nail art and there is so many talented girls out there. To mention someone love4nails is amazing in nail art.

6) Do you have a quote, motto or saying that you live your life by?
No, not really.

7) What are your 5 must have makeup products right now?
I’ve fallen for body shops foundation and brush (is that one or two things?) so foundation is a must, then powder(bodyshop) and rouge(isadora), and eyeliner(paris memories) and mascara(maybelline). 

8) Name 3 products you regret buying.
Luckily I always plan my more expensive purchases so there’s no regrets. Smaller things are easier to regret. Like I bought an extra L.A. colors art deco –mint when I already have one (and it isn’t good so I definitely didn’t need an extra) and of cause I regret some ebay purchases that have proven to be less nice that I originally have thought  but that have been 1$things so expectations was low originally. Otherwise I can’t come up with something.

9) Do you have any phobias?
No, nothing I can think about. Or well, public toilets.

10) What is your favorite color?
Hard to decide, I like pretty much all of them, but green has a special place in my heart.

11) Do you like to wear bold makeup or are you more a fan of natural makeup?
I like wearing bold makeup at all times (ehm not at home being alone Sunday-like total addict though). I feel most comfortable with some makeup on, and if I put on makeup I easily where everything and not just mascara.

My own questions to others:

1. If you only could keep 5 polishes of all the ones you’ve got, which one would you keep? (and you can’t buy any more, you’re stuck with the ones you got ;))
2. I you have to choose one thing, would you fix your hair or you’re makeup before leaving home?
3. And depending on what you choose above, would you fix your [] or nails if you only was allowed to do one?
4. If someone wanted to buy all your nail polishes, would you agree and in that case to what price?
5. Name the ugliest polish you’ve seen if there is one?
6. Name the nail art kind, if there is any, that you can’t stand see or at least like the least?
7. If you would get a disease that makes your nails be super short (they just don’t grow) forever, would you live with it or start using fake nails?
8. What’s your favorite nail polish color and finish?
9.  What’s your favorite nail art kind?
10. Is there any reason that would made you stop painting your nails?
11. What's the funniest/your favorite name of a nail polish (ie. not the brand)?

Bloggers in no particular order:

My Nail Polish Online 
Drops of color
Annies Colors
Little Miss Nailpolish
Lindas Nailorama
Posh Polishes

If you're nominated and don't like doing awards/already have done it/don't have time there is no hard feelings. Then just skip it. If you're not nominated and want to do it, then do it and tell me in a comment. :D


  1. Så roligt att läsa dina 11 saker och svaren på mina frågor :) Tack för att du gjorde denna award :)
    När jag läser de 11 saker du skrivit om dig själv slår det mig hur otroligt lika du och jag är :D
    Vi tycker båda om insekter och djur, vi tycker båda om att fiska, vi tycker båda om att baka och hålla till i köket etc :D Tack ännu en gång för att du gjorde denna :)
    Jättebra frågor du har ställt också :D

    1. haha, jag tänkte också på likheterna medan jag gjorde den :D Ganska kul egentligen! :D Så tack tack för awarden, det var kul :)

  2. Tack snälla för den här Liebster Awarden! :D
    Jag har redan gjort den en gång, men jag kanske gör den en gång till för det var riktigt roligt! (Fast jag vet inte om det är tillåtet egentligen ;))

    1. Jo såg det men den liebstern hade ju en råsa "medalj" och den här har en blå. Tycker att det är "olika" då ;) Så kör på! Du kan ju göra som cactus gjort och bara svara på frågorna :D

  3. Tack för utmaningen! Jag hade hoppats orka ta mig i kragen och svara, men jag är så himla tjurig av gravidtröttheten att jag inte kommer på något vettigt alls att skriva :( Sorry!

    1. Det är så det kan vara helt enkelt :) Såna här awards kan vara mekiga att göra så jag har full förståelse om man inte orkar/hinner. Bara det här inlägget förberedde jag väl i två veckor för att få klart. :) Om du vill kan du ju köra light-varianten och bara svara på frågorna som några av de nominerade gjort :)

  4. first 5 facts sounds soooo like me =) cupcakes, dogs...
    but with 6th you killed me. last time I saw a big insect, I had a panic attack for 2 hours...

    1. Hahaha.. sorry for the number 6.. didn't mean to freak you out ;)


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