Sunday, September 23, 2012

Purple shimmer with rhinestones

Hi everybody, hope you're all having an awesome Sunday!
For today I have a very simple nail art, maybe nail art in its simplest form. Still I find it very beautiful. :)
It is inspired by some earrings I've got as you will see in the last picture.

 Different light settings to show the color of the nails. I like the above picture the best because I think that the depth of the color is more prominent there.

And the inspiration of the nail art, namely cute little swans with a rhinestone in the middle as you might see clearer in the one I'm holding. Afterwards I realized that I've seen this before in a Pink youtube, where she has long fake nails i white creme with a rhinestone on each nail.

When I wore this, a male acquaintance was amazed over the fact that the rhinestones where placed "exactly" in the middle in each nail and from the same length of the tip. Like "yes, I tried my best placing them". ;P

Paris Memories - 270 (à 19SEK)
2MM rhinestones


  1. Ibland är det enklaste det snyggaste!
    Less is more som det heter ;)

    1. Ja precis, det här är verkligen en sån less is more! Kul att variera dessutom, behöver inte vara så avancerat alltid :)


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