Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Uninhibited Glow Stick

hihi, laughs at my cunning title.. ;) Before the autumn fully take's it grip I want to show you some neon. I do love neon and as a bonus there will be a neon comparison here as well, but we'll start with the nail art.

First we have Orly - Glow stick and over that I made a glitter gradient with L.A. girl - Uninhibited. I think I maybe did the gradient too glittery making it too black but I really like the concept of neon color and matte black glitter!

I really like the color of Glow Stick, it's such a great yellow neon color. It stands out from my other yellow neons because it has a hint of green in it making it "cold" and even more "neon".

Obviously I made a mini comparison:

Since neons always tend to be sheer I have a white base on all nails. All polishes have two coats on them, even though Funky yellow could have done with just one and maybe YPDB could have needed one extra coat, thinking back. My fingers looks really brown but I think that the nails are correct and that's the most important. As you can see Glowstick is really less yellow that the others. Kleancolor - Funky yellow is the most yellow, then followed by China Glaze - Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.

And the nail art on the comparison nails: I actually think that the difference of the polishes comes out even more with the black glitter.

And the last picture is with a giant cloudberry. When I wore this nails me and my dad where picking them. :) 


  1. This mani was cool!!

    I really like Glowstick, even though I like Illamasqua's Rare more ;)

    1. I don't have Illamasqua - Rare, so I can't argue against you :D Yellow neons are just awsome! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Yes I like it too. Before I bought it I was saying to my self that I didn't need another yellow neon..but apparently I was wrong, and bought it and now I love it! one can't have too many neons ;)


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