Sunday, September 16, 2012

Holographic and duochrome tribal feel tape mani

I think that the title is funnier than the actual result. This was my second try with tape, my first can be seen here. And I think this one is worse, maybe because the last one was random and in this one all nails was suppose to be the same.

However, I had my Catherine Arley 667 on and when the tip wear came I didn't wan't to remove the whole thing so I decided to elongate it with nail art. So first I taped my nails and painted them black and let it dry. After that I painted the supposed duochrome green-blue over it.

 However I didn't like that they were so different looking so I figured that a fine liner would solve it.
Said and done I choose a blue fine liner and tried correcting my earlier mistakes. Afterwards I realized that I probably just could have freehanded this whole thing better now when I had used fine liner over where the supposed crisp edges from the tape would have been. This was the result:
I actually thought that it felt a bit tribal, or some african flag-looking like.

I'm not sure if I like this combination, the holo needs a long nail to properly show the rainbows which it didn't got here. And the duochrome HM -Lady Luck, I confess it is douchrome in the bottle but less on the nails and the little tip it got here didn't enhance any duochrome color if there was any from the beginning. But despite that, I think that it look okay at least or what do you think?
Polishes used:
HM nail polish - Black
Catherine Arley - 667
HM nail polish - Lady Luck
Colors Art Deco - Dark Blue


  1. Jag gillade färgkombinationen :) ...innan den blå linern iaf ^^

    1. Ja, kanske blev för mycket med den :P Däremot måste jag säga att det här jäkla tejpandet är svårt, det blå fanns ju inte ens med i grundtanken utan blev ju nödlösningingen. :)


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