Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas nail art in red, green, glitter and stars

Christmas is coming up close and sadly I've only got one gift ready.. I must solve the rest today, but I do have a plan about it. I also want to purchase a new winter jacket to my self, have had mine for years now and it's still working and it's black and neutral, I just want something new. I also want to look in to HM and check what polishes is available there, preferably on sale. Buuut, I guess I must by the gifts first so I get it done. ;)

For today I have a simple but really Christmas like nail art. It's probably from last year at my parents house and the lines aren't sharp as I like, but what the heck! :D

Since it's not mine polish I'm not sure about the names. I just know that the green is from depend and that the stars are with Konad's own polish. The red glitter could be China Glaze - Ruby pumps or just some regualar red fine liner glitter from L.A. Colors Art Deco.


  1. I think this is really pretty!! Well done you!
    I thought I was ready with my x-mas gifts but when I collected my parcel with nail polishes (both for me and as gifts) one had broken and damaged all other polishes :( So now I need to find new gifts... and I practicly work all the time until x-mas... Such bad luck!!

    1. Thank you! NO! That's such a bad luck, I feel so sad for you :/ Hope you'll get the time to get the gifts done in time anyhow despite work. I actually bought all mine today, now I must buy gift wrapping paper. :)


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