Monday, December 17, 2012

Green Street - HM Nail Polish

This I bought from HM this summer, but it's only now I've got time or the mood to test it. The bottle feels large as ever and I still don't like all the different shapes of bottles HM got. This shade is called Green Street but I would have wished that they would have called it something with "jungle". Since I see it as the perfect "jungle green". The same thing as when people say that something is tomato red, and a color pop in your head.
 Oh, I why do I have three similar photos? I wanted to show it with different light settings even though I think the upper one is the most color correct in my screen.
 Its a creme and covered nicely in two coats.
Is this a jungle green to you or is it more a green street? How important is it that the name is good or is matching the color?


  1. Att det är ett roligt namn är viktigare än att det stämmer överrens helt med lacket :)

    1. Mjo, nån gång så kan jag ha köpt nått lack mest utifrån namnet, än färgen. ;) (ja, färgen var ju fin ändå såklart)

  2. Very pretty!
    I think Jungle Green would have been both more apropriate and more fun!


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